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Information Assistant for Game Masters in Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Spring 2014 | Advisor - Dr. Mark Larew

Contextual Design



As part of this project, my team created a  web application to assist game masters with paperwork, game mechanics, and customize designs for table-top role-playing games like dungeons and dragons. We observed one online and two in-person campaigns of dungeons and dragons and prototyped a web app to ease the information and artifact flow without losing any of thein-person communication and collaboration aspects of the game.

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Personal Live Video Streaming for Public Spaces and Gatherings

Fall 2013 | Advisor - Dr. Davide Bolchini



Conflict Management

The project aimed at understanding the requirements for crowdsourcing real-time information about various tourist and entertainment destinations through personal live-streams. The application creates a virtual community of users at a given place and users who desire to visit the place for exchanging the required information. This involved online questionnaires to understand the motivation of users to contribute content followed by semi-structured interviews to further probe responses.

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Evaluating Google+

Fall 2013 | Advisor - Prof. Mike Wilson

Heuristic Inspection

Cognitive Walkthrough


Google+ was a social network linking several Google products. Although it experienced strong growth through sign-ups, users did not create, share, or follow much content on the platform. To investigate this phenomenon, my team conducted usability testing using heuristic inspection and cognitive walkthroughs for three scenarios common to social networking platforms. We further conducted user-testing using a think-aloud protocol for the same scenarios.

User Experience Designer

Sep. 2012 - Jun. 2013 | Deloitte Application Studios, Deloitte (Hyderabad, India)

Gathering Reqs.

Collaborating with Dev

Adobe Fireworks

Deloitte Application Studios was responsible for designing internal applications and processes to assist other functions of the firm. As part of that, I worked with several teams across Deloitte - tax, audit, training, security, transportation, etc. While this role was unique in having all the stakeholders as users of a product for most of the projects, it posed challenges with switching gears when doing end-to-end UX design - requirements elicitation, interpretation and translation into design requirements, conceptual design, wireframing, formative testing, coordinating with development team, and summative testing within agile SCRUM framework. 

Sample Prototypes

User Interface Designer

Jan. 2011 - Jul. 2012 | Mobility Center of Excellence, Infosys Ltd. (Bangalore, India)


Hi-fi Wireframing

Adobe Photoshop

I created proof-of-concept (PoCs) mobile applications for retail and banking and clients. My job responsibilities: information architecture, conceptual design, low fidelity prototyping, formative testing, high fidelity prototyping, and coordinating with development team. Working as a one-person team helped me learn project and time management as I was a shared resource across three development teams.

Sample Prototypes

Systems Engineer

Jun. 2009 - Dec. 2010 | Product Engineering , Infosys Ltd. (Bangalore, India)


Mentoring new hires


British Telecom used a Java based configuration application for Telecommunication engineers who deployed fibre optics for internet connections. I developed new modules, maintained and improved the existing software, and trained new hires as part of this role.

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